Wine Reminder  –  app design

I recently helped Gabriel (a friend of mine) solve a problem he was having by designing a mobile app concept called Wine Reminder. His problem was: when he's at the liquor store, he can never remember his favourite wine to buy

This was a week long project (as part of the General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive 2014) involving user research, brainstorming, creating user flows, sketching wireframes, design updates and rapid prototyping.

Identifying The Problem & User Research

The first stage of this project involved interviewing Gabriel to find out exactly what his particular problem was and how he felt a solution would help him. I also gathered some basic information to create a user profile. This information gave me a starting point to begin working on a solution.


Brainstorming & User Flows

With the information from the interview, I brainstormed some ideas about the needed functionality in the app and constructed several user flows to describe some of the key actions Gabriel might take using my solution.


Sketching & Refining

From my initial brainstorming and ideation, I sketched out a basic app structure using my user flows as a guide for actions Gabriel might take when using the app. During this process I received direct feedback from Gabriel validating my design. I also went about refining my sketches as shown in the image above.


POP Prototype & User Testing

Using my drawn wireframes, I used POP to create a mobile click-through prototype. Although at a very initial stage, testing the prototype was a quick way to see if my solution was working and meeting Gabriels' needs.

The prototype only explores the very basic flows of:
– Viewing and confirming a wine to drink and;
– Viewing a wine recommendation based on another wine 

Functionality that I would like to integrate (but is not part of this prototype) is:
– A way for Gabriel to save particular wines he has had and rate these
– The ability to add photos to particular wine detail pages
– A way for Gabriel to discover new and recommended wines based on an online database or through social connectivity

Returning to the original problem, Gabriel needed a convenient way of remembering his favourite wines while in the liquor store. My solution for Gabriel was to create an app which helps him: find his favourite wines, record his wine experiences and discover new wines based on his favourites.